'Toxic Feminity' Decadence Box

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The mistress.

The mean girl.

The narcissistic mother.

The gold digger.

The femme fatale.


Toxic Femininity.

A term so highly reviled and thoroughly rebuked-well, we just couldn’t resist.


While the men of our lifetime rage beneath the burden of the obvious patriarchal privileges in which they’ve found themselves heirs, women escape the scrutiny of their own brand of covert and mostly psychological sinister. Women are subversive towards their targets of destruction. Women, unlike their male counterparts, can bring down an empire without lifting a finger. How provocative...and how attractive in its complexity.


While we widely accept and acknowledge toxic masculinity. Why is it’s counterpart so often dismissed?


There is allure in danger. History and the present time points to examples within ourselves that should be acknowledged. Provoke yourself..what’s more dangerous than a woman scorned? A twisted makeup brand, perhaps..

Toxic, even; but make it fashion.

Welcome To The Club.


August’s Decadence Box contains:


* Fly Fly Fly - A magenta Satin shadow with an iridescent blue shift  (Permanent)


* Sugar Baby- A Shimmering Seafoam shadow with eyesafe sparkles (exclusive)


* Not Your Shade - A mid tone, cool matte green shadow (exclusive)


* Mommie Dearest - A blue violet shimmering shadow. (exclusive)


* We’re Not Like Other Brands - A pale spring green highlighter; blinding the competition.


I Bust The Windows Out Your Car- A red grape matte lipstick with subtle sparkles




Two hand woven silk bangles. Assorted colors.



*** Colours may vary slightly from the pictures due to the customized nature and formulation of products.


For a full list of ingredients, please refer to our full size permanent products.


WARNING: Discontinue use if irritation develops.


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