'Synthwave Summer' Decadence Box

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Welcome To The Club.


Synthwave Summer   


Be transported back to the time of new technologies, drawing influence from the bold fashions of the of the 80s this month’s subscription box features a stunning array of vivid mattes, a full sized highlighting blush and one of our nourishing lip and eye lacquers!


Reinvent the past, design your own future!




May’s Decadence Box contains:



* Europa- Our beloved toxic green matte shade. This shadow was an instant hit and has been as desired ever since, fast becoming one of our best sellers!  (Permanent)


* Go for the Burn! - A vivid orange matte shade (exclusive)


Physical Fun... - A bold blue matte shade (exclusive)


* Delayed Perfection - A fluorescent orange shade that leans warm, this is a matte shadow with a slight satin base  (exclusive)


* Retro Cool Off - Our warm peach highlighting blush with a copper orange undertone, this product leaves a beautiful sheen when applied and illuminates the high points of the cheekbone when it hits the light.


Motivational Meltdown- A nourishing lip and eye lacquer in cool purple tone beautiful alone it perfect to pair up with your favourite lip base.


This month features two accessories: a set of neon coloured* leg warmers and a set of neon hoop earrings!!**


* Colours may vary.

 ** Due to the current global situation there is a delay in some on the accessories products arriving, in this instance we have included a high shine 36mm highlight in every box as way of apology and once the accessories arrive to us we shall include them your future box.


* Boy George - A stunning purple-pink  highlighter with a stunning blue-green sparkle.





For a full list of ingredients, please refer to our full size permeant products. 


WARNING: Discontinue use if irritation develops.

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Fabulous subscription!
Fun and creative box!
LOVE this subscription box!!!