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The Lunar Effect.


Thoroughly disputed and debunked by experts and yet..the belief persists.

Whispers around nurse’s break rooms and late night campfires still’s a full moon tonight..

and a full mon is said to bring with it:


A disproportionate amount of women in labor.

An increase in murders.

A rising tide.

The start of menses.

The transformation of a shapeshifter.

The outbursts of those who seem to be suddenly driven to madness; screaming in the dark.


Inspired by the belief in the moon’s effect on living organisms, we present the collection driven by those who believe..


Welcome to the club.




September’s Decadence Box contains:




* J-E-L-L-Oh - A warm yellow satin shadow with a subtle lime green shift.   (Permanent)


* Lunaticus- A sapphire blue shimmering shadow. (exclusive)


*Planetary Society- A celestial, sparkling purple (exclusive)


Chandrayaan- A copper/salmon glitter pigment (exclusive)

 • Mene- A banana yellow highlighter Imparting BLINDING chunks of lime green sparkles. 

Tidal Force- A duochrome green lip & eye lacquer with a grape shift. (Exclusive)


Glass Gold #2- A limited edition gold glitter eyeliner.


  • This Month’s accessory is a set of stick on eye/face jewels (ASSORTED). To apply, lift the crystal adhesive (NOT THE ACTUAL CRYSTALS) off the sheet, being sure to keep the plastic backing in tact. Lift away delicately and slowly otherwise you risk tearing the crystals off the see through rubber adhesive backing . These are reusable and can be preserved for later use if stored properly and handled with care. To use again simply apply lash glue to adhere.




*** Colours may vary slightly from the pictures due to the customized nature and formulation of products.




For a full list of ingredients, please refer to our full size permanent products.




WARNING: Discontinue use if irritation develops. DO NOT PUT GLITTER IN EYES OR MUCUS MEMBRANES. External use only. 














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