Reveal Your inner beauty....



Stripped bare, peel back the layers and reveal your inner beauty. One of our 2020 Valentines Collections: ‘Stripped...’ offers natural tones with a rose twist, perfect for the everyday makeup lover, with love from us to you.



The “Stripped... ” Collection has arrived, shop our bundles or buy individually.


Consisting of 5 Shadows and 2 Lip products, and a highlight; this collection will have everyone saying WOW!

  • Laid Bare - a mid-tone satin matte mauve with a Rose undertone.
  • Expose - A high intense gold and silver shimmer with a reflective clear base, perfect to be worn all over the lid or used as a eyeshadow topper.
  • Cupid’s Bow - A rich berry red tone that adds a seductive warm and depth to any eye look.   
  • Secret Kiss - a deep brown eyeshadow with a muted blackened red undertone.
  • Sweet Nothings - a peachy rose shimmer that reflects between reddened pink and golden eyesafe sparkles.
  • Candlelight Caress- Our most natural highlight, this product has no glitters and provides a beautiful ‘glow from within’ highlight, this wet looking glow reflects with a stunning golden sheen.
  • Seduce - a beauty neutral brown with a dusty rose undertone, perfect to pair with a multitude of looks and give that soft but effect finish.
  • Glistening - a high gloss translucent lacquer packed with delicate golden shimmers and subtle silver reflects.