Our Story

The Collective cosmetics was created by two individuals who have NEVER actually met...


Led by their creativity and passion for makeup artistry, Sarah and Joe met on Instagram in 2016 and forged a lasting friendship. They began to do collaborative works to showcase for their audiences on Instagram. A ten part makeup collaborative series entitled “The Collective” delved into various concepts of collective consciousness and life phenomena. It was their magnum opus. When they had finished the work which took over 3 months to complete, they realized their full collaborative potential would flourish as a makeup brand. “Our love and passion for creativity and makeup led to us doing it ourselves. We specialize in unique, thought provoking cosmetics by makeup artists for makeup lovers.”


Sarah and Joe began the lengthy and arduous work of research and planning to create another “Collective” except this time, it would be a PETA certified vegan and cruelty free ethical makeup brand that was handmade by them. Sarah founded The Collective Cosmetics LLC in the USA, and Joe founded The Collective Cosmetics LTD in the UK. 


Both Sarah & Joe thoroughly consult with their ingredients suppliers to be sure that child labor, animal testing, and unethical sourcing are NEVER part of the finished product. They both adhere to rigorous hygiene and sanitary practices and only use FDA compliant ingredients both here and abroad. 


Sarah and Joe’s unique friendship and passion for makeup will always be the driving force behind The Collective. Our commitment to each other and our customers is in every detail and every step we take to ensure our meticulously crafted makeup meets our standards and criteria as professional makeup artists.


Sarah is a professional makeup artist with a career spanning over 2 decades in New York City. She is a certified cosmetologist, and has lent her talents to several mainstream and niche high end beauty brands. Her expertise has dressed the faces of both high profile celebrities, models, prominent drag queens  and the makeup curious alike. Among her specializations, she has worked with primary focus on avant garde artistry, theatrical makeup and drag. Her Instagram handle is @beautanica and she is currently based in New Jersey, USA. She owns and Operates The Collective Cosmetics, LLC (USA) REG 0450256505 ;  “ The Collective Cosmetics “ trademark NO. 88-010,794. And serves clients located in and limited to the United States of America.

Joseph is a masterful body painter who has several accreditation’s in drama, theatrical performance and the fine arts. His talents extend not only to makeup but to choreography and photo/video editing. He has a special aptitude in color theory and pays particular attention to the element of shade and light. His Instagram handle is @josephwilliamrobinsonhale and he is currently based in Liverpool, U.K.

Joe owns and operates The Collective Cosmetics LTD. and serves clients located within the international community outside of the USA.


Both Sarah & Joe maintain separate brands, yet they share creative control, branding, and ideas for new products. In essence, we run our own businesses, independent of the other, continents apart, never actually even meeting - yet we collaborate on products and share names and packaging. We will always be makeup artists and friends first. The Collective is a culmination of our friendship and passion for creative artistry. We don’t know anyone who could or would ever have businesses like ours for as long as we have. If anything was ever a true testament to a friendship not defined by distance or borders, this is it. All of it is reflected in our makeup.