Our Story

Joe and I never actually met in real life; we connected and developed a profound friendship on Instagram around 2016 and collaborated on various makeup artistry projects; our magnum opus being dubbed “The Collective”, which was a 10 part series featuring our makeup artistry and poetry. After the work was done, Joe and I set our sites on a much bigger, more extensive collaboration….

Together with Joe, we created The Collective Cosmetics in 2018; offering something that neither one of us had ever seen with our over 30+ years of makeup artistry careers combined: cosmetics that are paraben & phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan, delivering payoff, duration of wear and performance while being ethically sourced, free of child mined micas, and utilizing FDA compliant ingredients.

The makeup rose to the highest standards we could set - our own. Our friendship and our love of makeup inspired us to embark on this amazing journey where we have connected to and have had the privilege of adorning so many unique and diverse faces-both master creators and those new to the art of makeup- while still expressing our own passion for artistry and creation.

Joe now runs a separate entity in the UK  while I serve the entirety of the United States exclusively. We still share creative control and collaborate often on many products. 90% of The Collective’s products are made entirely by hand, from scratch, to order. Handmade art was incorporated into the brand in 2022.

Here in the USA, I formulate, handcraft, package and ship your products. Every aspect of The Collective from social media marketing, to package design, conceptualizing products, and touching base with clients is handled by myself here. A human touch and a bespoke quality that lends each customer an experience all their own has always been at the heart and soul of this brand. We were one of the first to create the authentic logo wax seal, cracked when first opening our thank you card contained in shipments, signifying the personal only-for-you experience that was so very important to us. 

I am thrilled to be able to play a part in your creativity and feel privileged and honored to be able to watch all your beautiful faces shimmer and shine, adorned in The Collective. 🖤


- Sarah,

Owner, Bayonne, NJ. USA